Tailored online business management for women in small business

Specialising in working with service based business owners including coaches, creatives and consultants, we can help you get control of your business and take it to the next level.

If you’re ready to realise the full potential of your business and go from struggling founder to thriving CEO, we’re here to help.

Led by our founder, Steph Gobraiel, S38 Business Management provides expert online business management support to help you focus on your strengths and become the leader your business needs you to be.

“In just a few months I’ve gone from lurching between tasks to following a clear path.”

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Meet Steph Gobraiel, your online business manager

Provider of expert business management services and trusted adviser in your business journey

Being a solopreneur can be lonely, especially when things feel out of control. You might try to talk to your partner about your ideas and plans, but they’re not really IN the business with you, so it’s hard to explain. And they’re so busy with their work, you don’t want to burden them with more.

But you need someone to share the mental and strategic load of managing your business. That’s where Steph comes in.

When you work with Steph, you get a strategic partner you can work with to help you manage your business. She’ll look at the bigger picture, find ways to improve your operations and be there as a sounding board and executive assistance to give you confidence in your business decisions and actions.

As a former corporate executive assistant, Steph knows how and when to provide the right support, expertise and guidance to help you shine. 

Steph isn’t just a service provider, she’s a trusted business partner and friend dedicated to helping you and your business succeed. Steph provides a supportive and collaborative environment where she’ll get to know you and your unique challenges and aspirations. With her comprehensive understanding of systems, accountability, executive assistance, team management and productivity planning, Steph will soon become an invaluable asset for you and your business.

A little about Steph:

Steph Gobraeil holding a pink cup smiling
  • Former Executive Assistant
  • Problem solver
  • Ideas generator
  • Trusted adviser
  • Business cheerleader
  • Systems queen
  • Productivity guide
  • Behind-the-scenes business partner
  • Accountability partner
  • Precision organiserTeam builder
  • Planning partner
  • Lifelong learner
  • Mum
  • Seriously stylish
  • Wind beneath your wings

I started my business to help women build a working life that works

Like a lot of female-led businesses, I started S38 Business Management because I loved my work, but not the hours it took away from my home life. Becoming a mother made me reassess what success meant to me. Suddenly it wasn’t about long hours and corporate wins. It was about finding a balance between doing the work I loved and having the time and energy I needed to enjoy my young family.

I started S38 Business Management because I knew it was up to me to build a working life that worked for me. And I knew I had the knowledge, skills and expertise to help other women in business do the same.

With more than 15 years in the corporate world, working alongside leaders in accounting, education, finance and retail, I’d become a *darn* good executive assistant. I was their ‘secret agent’ working behind the scenes to help business leaders and owners succeed in their spotlights.

And now, as an OBM, I’m doing the same for women in small business.

As your OBM, I’ll be your sounding board, confidante and trusted business adviser helping to set you and your business up for success.

And I’ll absolutely love seeing you succeed!

Steph Gobraiel

S38 Business Management Founder and OBM


Discover our flexible online business management services and solutions.

I started my business to help women build a working life that works

Steph gives back to the business community by hosting events for She Will Shine, an established women’s business network focused on connection and support. These events are a great way for women in business to catch up, connect and share knowledge. Held throughout Australia, Steph regularly hosts the Sydney meet ups. Members and non-members are welcome to attend. If you want to join a group of like-minded women, look for a She Will Shine event near you.

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Our values

We believe business success is as much about personal growth as it is about business growth. At the core of this philosophy is the knowledge that female founders have incredible potential to thrive in their business and personal lives. By being the CEO of their businesses, women can take control of their future and find a balance between their entrepreneurial pursuits and personal responsibilities. 

Our values underpin this philosophy. They help us deliver quality services that have a transformative impact on the lives and businesses of our clients. 

When you work with S38 Business Management, you can expect us to bring these values to everything we do.


Family comes first because business isn’t life. It’s just a part of it. We’ll help you build this philosophy into your work so you can achieve a balance between your business goals and personal responsibilities.


We run our business with honesty and integrity. We believe in doing what’s right, even when no one is watching. You can trust us to always do our best to help your business succeed.


Quality leads everything we do, and we work to the highest standards. With a relentless focus on quality, we aim to exceed expectations and provide real results that help you achieve your business goals.


Accountability empowers you to achieve personal and business success. We hold ourselves accountable to helping you build the systems and habits you need to achieve your goals.


Success is built on honouring commitments. We never commit to a project or client if we can’t make a positive impact. Your goals become our goals and we’ll work hard to help you achieve them.


We’re passionate about using our skills to help women succeed in business and life. We love to see you thrive in your professional and personal capacities. If you succeed, then we succeed.

Our network of brilliant business providers

As a small business owner, it can be hard to know where to go to find providers and contractors who'll do good work that's aligned with your vision for your business.

When you work with us, you'll have access to our trusted network of business providers. If you need the support of a business contractor or provider, we're your one-stop shop for a wealth of administrative and marketing talent. We've vetted and worked with these people, so you know you're getting contractors and experts who meet our high standards.

As part of an ongoing OBM package, we can make all the arrangements and manage the day-to-day operations of your virtual team so you can focus on your business strategy.

Depending on your needs, our team can expand to provide services including:

Social media management

 Graphic design

Web design and development

Writing, editing and proofreading

What our clients say

“Steph has helped my business go from swamped and near exhaustion to thriving.”
“Love her work and highly recommend her and Virtual Associate Services to anyone who wants someone intelligent and proactive on their team...”
“I can’t recommend Steph and Virtual Associate Services highly enough. Steph would be a great asset for any business…”

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