How Accountability Can Unlock Your Potential in Business

One of the big challenges for small business owners is balancing their time between working in their business and working on their business. You need to work in your business to deliver to your clients. But you need to work on your business to help your business grow. Working on your business often falls to the side because delivering to clients takes priority.

Working in AND on your business can be done. You CAN do it. But you need to make a conscious decision to commit to your business.

I have written previously about the power of accountability in helping you carve out time to work on moving your business forward. And, more importantly, the value of finding another human being to hold you accountable – like an Online Business Manager (OBM) or Virtual Assistant.

But accountability in itself is not the end game. It is an enabler of personal, professional and business growth.

Working with my clients to help them execute their business goals has given me insight into the real benefits of being accountable – owning your time and being confident in your business.

Taking ownership of your time

I think if you asked any small business owner what they need more of, “time” would be top of the list. We wear many hats – both within and outside our business – and are constantly juggling the needs of clients, staff, family and more. We often get caught up in a cycle of overcommitment, overwhelm and burnout.

When you are regularly touching base with an accountability partner who understands your business and what you are trying to achieve, it can quickly reveal patterns in behaviour regarding how you spend your time. Maybe you take on too much work within a given timeframe. Maybe you are quick to reschedule time set aside for business development when client work comes up. Maybe you struggle to carve out dedicated time for focused work. Or are easily distracted by your inbox.

Accountability forces you into new rhythms and workflows. Giving someone else visibility over your progress helps you stick to new processes and shift into new habits.

Fast forward a few weeks or months after you have started working with someone like an OBM, and here is what you see instead:

  • You have dedicated time in your calendar each week to work on business development
  • You have a clear action plan so you know exactly what you need to be doing and when
  • You have outsourced the tasks you don’t enjoy or don’t have the skills for – now you don’t need to worry about them
  • You know how long things will take to complete
  • You organise your work week to balance client and business needs
  • You are disciplined in how you spend your working time – setting and keeping boundaries with yourself and others
  • You are aware of your capacity now and in the near future – which gives you the ability to set realistic timeframes with clients or say no to work which isn’t in your sweet spot
  • You are making REAL progress on your business goals


Confidence is key

Accountability is truly transformational in its impact. I have witnessed it firsthand with my clients.

I often start working with a business owner who is overwhelmed, stressed and close to burnout. They have big plans for their business but aren’t sure where or how to start making them happen. They lay awake at night thinking about all the things they haven’t gotten done yet. They hold back from promoting their business and putting themselves out there because they don’t like their website or don’t know what to post on social media.

After we have been working together for a while, this is what I see instead:

  • They know exactly where they need to focus their efforts to strengthen their business foundations
  • They are confident in their ability to deliver to their clients and take on more work because they know their capacity and can manage their workload
  • They have business foundations, processes, systems and support they can rely on
  • They are confidently putting themselves out there across the right channels and with the right messages because they know who they want to work with and the value they can deliver
  • They have the confidence to say no to work, or push back start dates, or even close their books for a while because they have a consistent flow of clients who WANT to work with them and are willing to wait
  • They feel empowered to grow their business in the way that works best for them
  • They are self-assured and energised when they talk about their business – and people notice the difference!

This transformation is what really lights me up. This is why I do what I do. To be that secret weapon helping a business owner put themselves out there with confidence, energy and optimism.

Are you looking to move from stressed and overwhelmed to confident and energised in your business? Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how I can be your secret weapon.

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