How to stay focused on your business with an Online Business Manager

We all know that January is usually a good time to sit down and draft out a yearly plan or list goals you want to achieve throughout the year, but with the coronavirus pandemic still affecting many businesses and our way of life, staying focussed can be hard.

When you have various tasks with conflicting deadlines competing for your attention, along with routine tasks such as calling clients, booking appointments, ensuring your team is on track, carving out time to work on your business (ie business goals) you may find yourself short on time.

This is where the assistance of someone like myself as your Online Business Manager (OBM) who can come aboard and quickly take over the reins, while you get on with work that requires your area of expertise.

Tasks that take up too much of your time, or should I say, not using your time effectively, costs you money!

Advantages of outsourcing

>By outsourcing time-consuming tasks to an OBM, not only does it save you time – you can then focus your attention on growing your business, this then increases your productivity, your flexibility and in turn gives you have the ability to work on any new/existing business opportunities too!

While you may enjoy working on a particular area of your business or on certain tasks, it may not be the best use of your time. Working with a professional virtual assistant, or OBM, who has the expertise in that skillset may take up half the time it would take you to complete the task.

Working out where your time is most needed

As an OBM, I sit down with my clients and delve deep into their typical day-to-day, weekly and monthly activities. This allows me to see what sort of tasks are taking up your time and allows me to suggest how you can have better productivity by working out what items can be outsourced, and what tasks you should focus on. We then work together at implementing these changes into a calendar, (after reviewing the meetings in the calendar as well) and set goals so you are kept accountable. I can then set a regular accountability meeting in your calendar so we can have check-ins on how you are progressing with the new changes, what’s working, what’s not and make any adjustments where needed.

You can’t do it all

As a business owner, there are many areas that require attention, you can’t do it all, no one can. As your OBM, my role is to ensure that you are working to your maximum potential.

Think of me as your trusty side-kick, I am here to take on all the time-consuming business, admin & IT tasks.

As a highly skilled OBM, I know how to plan which means always being two steps ahead of you and you’ll find yourself briefed ahead of time, without having to ask. I have great instincts and can find solutions, knowing how to get the job done and looking for ways to improve processes.

After we’ve worked together for a while, and trust has been built, I’ll then be able to make decisions on your behalf as we would have mastered our communications and I’ll know how you think and what you’d do.

As your Online Business Manager, I’ll help:

  • Keep you accountable and on schedule
  • Create the ideal working week and save you time
  • Follow up the team for work that’s due
  • Help set your goals and keep you accountable
  • Manage your diary & schedule appointments to keep you on track/li>
  • Remind you of upcoming meetings or trips that you must attend
  • Answer your emails and only send you the must-read ones
  • Review and create processes to ensure the smooth running of different areas of your business
  • Field enquiries so you’re not disturbed unnecessarily
  • Look for ways to promote and grow your business

I also offer help with Adhoc Administration Support, Training & Project Management and Client Relationship Management, and can provide a customised package to suit your needs.

Want to know more about working with an Online Business Manager, book an appointment today and I’ll answer all of your burning questions.

Do you want to find out if your business needs an OBM or a VA?

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