Keeping a positive work mindset during COVID

Times are hard at the moment especially with COVID and how it is affecting everyone across Australia. In business, it is hard not to worry about what is happening and what is going to happen. We need to keep a positive mindset during this time. Knowing that we have no control of what is happening, we can only do what is asked of us. It is important to keep a positive mindset and use this time to look at your business to see where you can grow. Today I am going to share my top tips on how to keep a positive mindset throughout this time.


Start your day with gratitude by writing down in a journal or piece of paper five things that you are grateful for. It could be your health, family, having a roof over your head and/or your determination. By writing out what you are grateful for it creates a positive mindset that you can take into your day. It can also be helpful to write/speak out positive affirmations throughout your day. This helps by switching your thinking to positive thoughts.

Here are some questions to respond too –

  • What am I grateful for in my life?
  • How can I keep a positive mindset right now?
  • I am grateful for my…
  • Today I will be…
  • Focus on the present

Keeping your focus on the present helps with removing the worry of what the future holds. Remembering, that you cannot change what is happening with COVID or the effect it has on your future. Be present in your business and focus on what you can control. This will not only be good for your own personal mental health but for your business.

Avoid the ‘what ifs’

A great way to keep a positive mindset is to avoid what ifs. Avoid saying “what if” it had gone this way or “what if” we had this opportunity and it had worked out better. Remove that thinking from your mind and take a step forward in creating what you need. It is a waste of time worrying about “what-ifs” turning it into how I can create what I need.

Look for opportunities

Now is the perfect time to look out for opportunities for your business. Taking time to plan out new services or products to offer in your business will help your business grow during this time. If you haven’t got one already, create a business plan for the next six months and then twelve months. Think about how you can grow, where you want to expand and how you can create success.


Doing a stocktake on your business is a key step for success. Especially during this time, take some time to look back at your business and do a stocktake. Look at what is working and what is not working. There may be areas of your business that you can expand and grow. With so many people only able to go online, that opens up the opportunity to create an online course or community. By looking at what people need at this time, and where they are, you can turn the negative into a positive with your business.

I know times are uncertain right now, but it’s crucial to keep a positive mindset personally and take that into your business. By removing your negative thoughts and switching your thinking to positive ideas, this will help you use this time to grow and expand. Reach out to people that you inspire, create mentors and be open to accepting support during this time.

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