Frequently Asked Questions

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What you need to know about working with an Online Business Manager

If it’s the first time you’re considering outsourcing work to an OBM, I know you’ll have questions. Here is my response to the most commonly asked questions.

How much does an online business manager cost?

It depends. OBM rates vary based on the experience, skills and location of the OBM you choose. Most OBMs will offer packages or hourly rates to match your business needs.

What does an online business manager do?

Phew… where do we start? Your OBM can take charge of your entire online business, or jump in when you need support. Warning: having support, accountability and someone to delegate to can feel a little uncomfortable at first – but it’s totally addictive and you’ll find yourself wondering how you coped pre-Steph and VAS.

What if I’m not sure how an OBM can help ME?

Book a chat with Steph. She’ll talk you through the types of planning, tasks and administrative stuff you can get off your plate – and give you some examples of how she’s helped other businesses.

What should I look for in an OBM?

Trust is key. It doesn’t happen overnight (but it does happen!). We know you might not be ready to hand over your passwords and keys to the city straight away. We build trust through doing what we say we’ll do, being reliably productive, and providing complete transparency on where your OBM time has been spent and what outcomes have been achieved. Take a look at our checklist for hiring an OBM.

How will I know what I need from an OBM if I’m not sure where to start?

It’s true that every business is different; so what you need may not be the same as anyone else. But there’s a common thread for many of our clients: inbox management, project and traffic management, podcast setup and production, social media support, annual and quarterly planning… if your business needs it to thrive, we can help.

Why should I outsource rather than hire in-house?
You’ll find outsourcing your business admin will save you money, with no overhead costs such as benefits (superannuation & leave), office expenses (Internet, equipment, furniture) and technology (laptops, phones).

You can hire an OBM for hours to fit your budget, then adjust their hours as your business needs. You’re not paying someone to sit in your office for 8 hours a day, often not doing much but getting paid! You’ll only pay your OBM for the time they work.

Can you accommodate urgent requests?

I know that emergencies in business can happen. I have a last minute emergency rate and I will do my best to handle last-minute requests but please be aware that I am a mum too so may not always be available straight away after office hours.

What are your hours?
My office is open from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

Urgent, after-hours requests can be accommodated.

Is there a minimum number of hours I need to book?

Packages and retainers are available to accommodate. As a flexible service, you can use me as you need. However, clients who pre-book hours do get priority service.

Will my clients know you’re a virtual Online Business Manager?
Not if you don’t want them too! I will have my own email address set up from your business and respond to your clients as your assistant (i.e. not using my personal business branding).
Can I trust you with my business intel?
Yes of course. As a highly professional OBM and fellow business owner, your business intel is safe with me. We can sign confidentiality clauses to give you peace of mind.
Do I need to provide training?
To start, you will need to give me insight into how you currently run your business and show me the systems you use. If I’m unfamiliar with a program, I can research how to use it, or use your current procedure manuals (if you have them!).
Can I change what I give you as business changes?
Yes you can. You can add in services or lessen them as you need. My services are flexible to fit in with you as your business grows.

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