What Does An Online Business Manager Do?

And how can working with one help your business grow?

Have you been struggling to keep up in your business and wondering if an online business manager (OBM) could help? But maybe you’re not sure how working with an OBM will help you take control of a business that seems to be running you instead of the other way around.

When you’re the boss, it’s easy to get caught up working in your business rather than ON it. You’re so busy lurching from client project to client project you never have time to focus on those business-building tasks you know you need to get to.

Enter the online business manager.

An OBM is a resourceful and strategic partner who’ll help you keep your eye on the prize for business evolvement or growth. But an OBM does more than just big-picture thinking and planning. We’re also proactive do-ers who help you get the job done, not just talk about it.

We get to know your business and become almost like that clone of you you’ve often wished you could have. But instead of being a clone, OBMs are supportive partners, bringing all the know-how, experience, and skill you need to help you and your business reach new heights.

But what exactly does an OBM do? And how can working with an OBM like me help your business grow? Let’s find out.


What can an OBM do for your business?

You have big dreams for your business, but you’re constantly bogged down by shifting client timelines, urgent admin tasks, ongoing project management, and never-ending to-do lists.

Wearing all the business hats is exhausting, and frankly, it’s not good for business. If your business has gotten to the stage where you can’t keep up with all the things, you need somebody to help. Someone who can take over some of the behind-the-scenes responsibilities so you can focus on what you do best.

If you’ve had ideas and projects on the backburner for literally *years* because you never get the time to explore them, it’s time to consider bringing in the support of a professional OBM. (Because, let’s be honest, even if you get a rare gap in your schedule, your brain is so worn out, it’s got nothing left to give, and all you can manage is a well-deserved day on the couch with Netflix.)

But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you have an OBM like me in your business corner, you can escape the cycle of intense periods of overwork followed by collapsing in recovery and then starting it all again.

You get to share the load. You get help setting up systems, processes and resources to streamline business operations. In short, you get to take back control of your business. As your OBM, I help you carve out space for meaningful business development and idea implementation. And I provide practical support to keep business operations on track while you focus on delivering the services you’re known for.


First, we get you and your business ready for growth

Growing a business isn’t easy. It requires careful planning, strategic thinking and a whole lot of work. As your OBM, I’ll help you plan and navigate your trajectory by preparing you and your business for growth.

Before you’re ready to grow, you must have your strong business foundations in place. These are the essential base from which your business can thrive. The first thing I do is review your business foundations and work with you to implement the processes and systems you’ll need for your business to grow.

This could mean outsourcing things like social media management or taking bookkeeping off your plate so you can focus on overhauling your services or developing a new marketing strategy (with my help, of course).


Then we keep things moving forward

Once your business foundations are solidly in place, I’ll be there to help guide your business growth journey with strategic advice, practical implementation and firm but fair accountability management.

A behind-the-scenes business partner to help you set your goals

Setting goals is crucial to business growth, but it’s not always easy to do alone. You need an OBM you can trust to act as your business confidante, helping you define clear objectives and making plans to achieve them. As your OBM, I’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and break it into actionable steps so your ‘someday, maybe’ goals become real projects with documented deadlines and tasks. Before you know it, those ideas you’ve had on the backburner for years will start to come to life.

Seeing and planning beyond the next deadline

While client deadlines are important, focusing only on the day-to-day work will hinder your chances for long-term growth. As your OBM, I’m looking at the bigger business ecosystem and helping you plan beyond the next client deadline. I’ll help you get off the client-work treadmill and bring an unbiased perspective to where you can best spend your time. Together, we’ll uncover the real priorities buried under busy work so you can begin to realise opportunities you didn’t even know you had.

Productivity planning to help you find more time

I know time is the most precious resource a business owner has. That’s why I’m passionate about helping you create more time and streamline your workflows to increase your capacity. First, we’ll dig into your typical activities to see what’s sucking away most of your time. Then I’ll make recommendations about what tasks you could outsource or automate (and we’ll take note of the non-negotiable things you must do). This will remove the overwhelm and give you more precious time to focus on revenue-generating activities, nurturing client relationships, or simply stopping all the late-night and weekend work you’ve been doing to keep up.

Keeping you accountable to doing what you say you’ll do

If you’re sick of making promises to yourself that you don’t keep, I’ll be there to keep you accountable (because when you answer to yourself, it’s easy to put things off, but when you’ve got me giving you a firm, but friendly prod, you’ll be more inclined to get things done). I’ll be your accountability partner making sure you’re doing what you say you’ll do and keeping you committed to your goals and achieving the results you desire.

An eagle eye on opportunities

As your OBM, I treat your business like it’s my own. I’m invested in your success and helping you grow. That’s why I’ve always got my eagle eye looking for opportunities that align with your business goals. Whether it’s a new marketing idea, a potential collaboration, a time-saving innovation or helping you make new client connections, if I see an opportunity for you, I’ll help you make it happen. And when you have ideas and opportunities you want to implement, I’ll be there as a sounding board to help you flesh them out and decide the best course of action moving forward with your plans.

Making sure you take a break

Working too hard and always pushing yourself to the limit isn’t a sustainable way to grow a business. In fact, it’s a sure-fire recipe for burnout. As your OBM, I’ll help build breaks into your schedule and make sure you can get away when you need to rejuvenate and get some downtime. You’re the heart and soul of your business, and self-care is essential to its success.


Do OBMs get personal?

As your OBM, I need to know at least some parts of your private life. While I focus mostly on your business, life isn’t only about business. Your personal and professional lives are intertwined, and my job is to help make your life easier, including finding a better balance between your work and personal life. If attending the kids’ school function or having time for private appointments is important to you, I’ll make sure your work schedule allows it to happen.

I also get a little personal by including self-care, habit-building and a healthy growth mindset in the work we do together. I’m not a counsellor or life coach, but I do care about your success as a whole, including making sure you’re achieving personal and business growth.

While I’m not about to turn up for family lunches on the weekend, I need you to feel comfortable enough to share your dreams and aspirations with me. That’s why building a good rapport is crucial. Understanding where you’re coming from and your ‘reason why’ helps me go the extra mile to support you in achieving both business and personal goals.


How an OBM can help your business grow

Working with an OBM can be a game-changer for your business. You’ll be excited about your business again and motivated to work on its growth. Together, we’ll create a future strategy, and you’ll have a better sense of control and direction about where your business is going. As you navigate the ups and downs, I’ll be there helping you through challenges, acting as a sounding board and providing the accountability and support you need for your business to thrive.

Business is about playing the long game. As we build your business profile and implement processes and systems, you’ll start to see things come together. With renewed confidence in your capabilities and me helping you steer the ship, you’ll enjoy the rewards of the effort and investment you’ve made. As that Pantene ad once told us, ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.’


Are you ready to have someone in your business corner with you?

If you’re ready to take your business to new heights, it’s time to think about working with an OBM. With me by your side, you can dream big, set ambitious goals and watch your business flourish. Want to get started? Book a FREE no-obligation discovery call today.


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