The Profitable Small Business

Jitixa Raniga is a Profitability Expert that bridges the gap between finance & operations to create clarity, a love for numbers, more time freedom & ultimately make more money!

She aims to help you can build the business & lifestyle of your dreams

She is also a HUGE data & spreadsheet nerd. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that will help you work smarter!

She talks about business & finance so you can take easy, actionable steps to confidently build & grow your profitable small business.

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Your Productivity Planning Workbook

Do you know how much time you are spending ON your business?

By understanding where your time is going you can make the necessary changes for your business to help you grow it.

This workbook will help you review where your time is going IN (client) and ON (for your business).

RRP $30

Do you want to find out if your business needs an OBM or a VA?

Image of quiz does your business need and OBM or VA

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