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 Calling all service-based business owners

Are you struggling to maintain a balance between your workload and effectively leading your team and operations as the CEO of your business?

Get the Team and Operations Manager you need to help you focus on what you do best, manage, and keep your team on track with all the projects they’re working on. 

Do you ever commit yourself to important deadlines or goals in your business… but then struggle to actually achieve them?  


Maybe you’re:

 Getting lost in the details of your business because you’re constantly putting out fires. 

Team is performing inconsistently due to varying skill levels, motivation, or external factors. 

Communication break downs, misunderstandings taking place, and productivity suffers. 

Not skilled in project management? Finding it time consuming to keep on top of it all and the team’s progress. 

Leading a business with the CONFIDENCE and peace of mind necessary to support the growth of both you and your team is a vital goal. Achieving this means making strategic decisions, fostering a positive work environment, and providing the necessary resources for everyone to thrive.

Well, the good news is, you can! 

With the right combination of business partnership, operations and team support, you can gain the confidence and momentum needed to expand your team and business.

Imagine what your business (and life) would be like if you could go from:

online business manager

Dealing with crises, to shifting focus to core strengths, and refocusing on business vision and objectives.


Team performing inconsistently to understanding team priorities and fostering a positive team culture.


Lack of communication to encourage open and transparent communication for better understanding, smoother workflows, and improved productivity.


Not having project management skills to having someone with project management background on board who can educate, guide, and direct the team to ensure that deadlines are consistently met.

None of these things just happen on their own…

We are only one person at the end of the day, we understand the importance of having a clear vision and the confidence to support the growth of your team and business. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide the necessary guidance and support to ensure the success and development of both your team and your business.

And the best news?

That’s what you get when you work with me.


I had the pleasure of working with Steph in supporting my management team to thrive in an ever-changing environment, that of Disability Services.

Steph has a comfortable communication process where people feel relaxed and open to sharing their challenges and how to work well within a Dynamic team.

I recommend Steph and her skills to any business manager, CEO, or board looking for a real talented person. 


Owen P Rogers

Want to know more about what it’s like to work with me as a Team and Operations Manager?

Hi, I’m Steph Gobraiel

Team and Operations Manager for service and product based businesses

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Before starting S38 Business Management, I spent 15+ years in the corporate world.

I worked alongside leaders in a range of industries including accounting, education, finance, and retail. And I was a *darn* good Team and Operations Partner. (as part of my Executive Assistant role) 

I loved helping Directors, CEOs, and business owners succeed – A pinnacle part to my role was to manage the teams, ensure the culture was what it needed to be a good one and with operations, project manage the work to ensure that deadlines and milestones were met.

However, when I started a family, I knew it was time to leave the corporate world behind.

Like a lot of female-led businesses, I started S38 Business Management because I loved my work, but not the hours away from home.

Now, I’m grateful for a front-row seat behind-the-scenes, businesses succeed by looking at the big picture first, bringing a new perspective and helping them understand and solve their pain points with Productivity Planning, Team and operations management. 

As your Team and Operations Manager, I will assess what is and isn’t working within your team and business operations, taking that responsibility off your plate. By offering a fresh perspective, I will suggest improvements and potential changes to ensure everything is running smoothly.

It’s time to ignite your passion and drive for your business by embracing effective team management and operational efficiency.


Hiring Steph has had an enormous impact on my business.

My business was growing, and I knew what I needed to do. But I was struggling to plan and prioritise. In just a few months, I’ve gone from lurching between tasks to following a clear plan. Steph has helped me to carve out time to work on my business. She’s helped me focus on social media, content marketing and pushed me to finally launch a newsletter. Having someone else to discuss ideas with has helped me find new opportunities to grow my profile and that of my business.

With Steph’s support, I’m finally being realistic about what I can achieve each month, ensuring I can provide an efficient and reliable service to every client, while also making time for myself.

Frequently Asked Questions


What role will I play as the owner of the business?

As the owner you can decide how involved you want to be in the process, it may be still meeting with the team once a week or having updates directly from me. 

How can I transition from constantly addressing urgent matters to focusing on what is most important?
Minimum of 1 month
How can we make improvements to achieve our team, operational management and productivity goals?

Team engagement plays a significant role in productivity. Happier team members tend to work harder, resulting in increased operational efficiency. 

Ensuring the team understands the priorities and aligns with deadlines will improve operations. 


Is reviewing resources in business a beneficial practice?

Effective team management and streamlined operations contribute significantly to business growth and success.

What's the most effective way to plan my time going forward?

We can schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss your vision as the CEO and establish the necessary structure and plan.

Go from struggling small business founder to in-control CEO of the business of your dreams.

Book your no-obligation 30-minute call today.

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